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and the husband. she is petrified. >> a vicious crime in a tranquil connecticut suburb. >> it is evil incarnate. >> two suspects whose actions were beyond brutal. >> he swung the bat as hard as he could. before they tied anybody up, before the fire was set, joshua tried to kill dr. petit on the couch. >> reporter: i'm rani kaye in cheshire, connecticut. tonight, a cnn special report. what happened to a wife, a husband and their two daughters in a home that became a house of horror and terror? "pure evil, the killings in connecticut." for the petit family in this quiet connecticut suburb, there was never any hint of the violence that was to come. >> the epitome of the all-american family. a beautiful mother and two beautiful daughters. >> reporter: never any clue their vibrant home on this road in the town of cheshire would soon become a house of horrors. their last day together as a family was a classic summer sunday. dr. william petit, a prominent connecticut doctor, a leading expert in the field of diabetes played golf with his dad. earlier that day, his wife of 22 years, jennifer hawke-petit
and in connecticut a person killed in a storm related car accident. new jersey feeling the brunt of the power outages and the governor declaring a state of emergency early on last night and julie banderas is live more us in west milford, new jersey. >> this town received up to 19 inches of snow and knocked out power for so many people including the home behind us here. two babies indoors and keeping them bundled up and warm as are about 650,000 other people without power currently in the state of new jersey alone, in all, along up and down the east coast, up to more than 3 million people without power tonight. and it is a cold night. temps where i am dipping into the 20's overnight and electricity not restored and we're told in new jersey until wednesday and in massachusetts, wet and heavy snow, leaf covered branches are to blame and downing trees and power lines and causing massive power outages and massachusetts has got more than 6,000 outages and hundreds are without power in pennsylvania, new hampshire, new york, maine, maryland and vermont. states of emergency were also declared in four states,
, connecticut and massachusetts. >> we got reporters out all throughout the storm zone. let's kick it off with t.j. winick. who niece windsor, connecticut. good morning to you. >> reporter: dan, good morning. it's hard to believe that december 22nd, that's the first day of winter, still seven week away. but you wouldn't know it. it actually quite pretty. like a norman rockwell painting. down here on the road, you can see the downed trees and power lines. hundreds in each town. right up there, you can see the top of the power line sheered off. things got so bad here in connecticut yesterday, at one point, two municipalities, there were no businesses or homes without power. across the northeast, near white-out conditions. roads completely shut down. when this wet, heavy snow fell atop trees, still carrying leaves, many simply collapsed. in new jersey, where a tree was uprooted, it smashed into a house, under the weight of the heavy snow and many of those trees took down power lines, leaving millions in the dark and cold. >> another huge branch just fell down. >> reporter: from the white house to w
in connecticut in 1738 when it was the frontier. hard to imagine today. one of eight children. the town was founded by his grandfather who took over when her husband didn't have the turf to keep the farm going. he was born to perfect parents for the times. joseph and mary. and their children had biblical names. you can trace the changes in the religious views of people on the frontier by going through the names of those children. ethan means strong in hebrew and the first six children have old testament names. last two after the family backslid away from puritanism into anglican is lydia. he was born on the front here but not in a hunt for a shack. a solid home in whingefield. he might have stayed there and never gone to vermont except for something called the great awakening which i think was really the seat time of the american revolution. the first time large numbers of people turned out for a mass meetings to hear someone speak. until then mostly they gaudy enough of speaking in three hours sermons at the meeting house but in the 1730s and 40s missionaries came from england. anglica
in connecticut, massachusetts and new jersey. three deaths have been blamed on this storm, more fan two million people are without power. hundreds of flights have been delayed or cancelled and they're not unite of the woods just yet. paul goodloe is in hartford, connecticut tonight which is getting slammed by this october snow. >> from snowy heart ford, connecticut, where the snow started just after 1:00, at least the heavy snow did. unlike other areas around the mid-atlantic, we went from a few snowflakes and flurries to some heavy snow, the snow continues to come down here, we're under a winter storm warning until 8:00 a.m. on your sunday, and, yes, this is a rare october snow for connecticut, especially here in hartford, we had snow three other times, the record snow in october just 1.7 inches. we eclipse that to 4:00, 5:00 this afternoon. the problem,this is falling on the trees this time in october, there's still plenty of leaves in the trees, the heavy wet snow hits the leaves, adding more weight, weighing down the branches and then they snap, bringing down power lines, we're talking clos
at hand. >> connecticut communities busting heads overt of -- over the upcoming holiday. >> we are tracking rain across the area. we will time that out in the forecast coming up, and look at the holiday forecast for halloween. 62 at b.w.i.. here is a look at the grand hotel and spa camera at ocean >> a british corner says amy winehouse died of alcohol poisoning. this -- the corners of the blood alcohol content was nearly five times over the legal driving with it. she was found dead in her bed on july 23 after years of substance abuse battles. detective said they found empty vodka bottles around her bed at the time of her death. in this afternoon's medical alert, a new drug therapy is helping women get up potentially fatal blood condition have successful pregnancies, and now it is fda-approved. we're introduced to a maryland mother whose life is that there be saved. >> there was a lot of praying. there was a lot of crying and hoping it was going to get better. >> she could not carry a pregnancy to term. four different time she got pregnant and is carried a six months into each p
. states of emergency are now in effect in new york, new jersey, connecticut and massachusetts. >> we've got reporters out all throughout the storm zone. let's kick it off with abc's t.j. winick who is in one of the hardest hit spots, windsor, connecticut. t.j., good morning to you. >> reporter: dan, good morning. hard to believe, but december 22nd, that is the first day of winter, still seven weeks away, but you wouldn't know it. taking a look around, it actually quite pretty, like a norman rockwell painting. here in windsor, we have about 8 or 9 inches of snow, but it is heavy and hard to walk in. down here on the street you can see the downed trees and power lines, hundreds in each town. and up there, you can see the top of a power line actually sheared clean off. things got so bad here in connecticut yesterday, at one point it's believed in only two nument municipalities in the entire state there were no businesses or homes without power. across the northeast, near white-out conditions. roads completely shut down. and when this wet, heavy snow fell atop trees still carrying leaves
loops of the beltway between connecticut avenue and georgia avenue. as soon as we get more information on that we'll let you know. and coming up we'll talk about maryland roadways as well. back to you. surae. >>> hundreds of people attended a vigil for the victims of wednesday's hair salon shooting in southern california. eight people were killed, including the suspect's ex- wife, who was a stylist at the salon. friends of the couple say they were in a bitter custody dispute. >>> thousands of workers marched on greece's parliament and other government ministry buildings. protesting against wage cuts and layoffs. those are some of the us state measures the government is proposing to ease the debt crisis. >>> president obama and his wife hosted the fifth state dinner of the obama presidency. a very public outing in contrast to wednesday night's dinner, when president obama took his guests to an upscale korean restaurant. wonder which one? >>> student filmmakers are wrapping up the awards. we'll show you their work in today's cool schools at 5:56. >>> 5:39. police could arrest protesters
. the beltway in montgomery county. one of them on the outer loop after connecticut's and another on the inner loop near georgia avenue. we will take you into a picture of traffic not moving on the outer looksp between connecticut avenue and rockville pike. this is a live picture of traffic on the ramps from 97 to maryland 100 west. there's an accident on that exit ramp. next virginia, 395 leaving the beltway is beautiful at edsall road. back to you. >> thank you. >>> 5:21 64 degrees. >> next, the capitals' rivalry renewed. the capitals win the war. >> later on "anderson," if family opened their home to 30 foster children. perotinus then became contagious. 4:00 on abc 7. >>> the capitals rivalries is real against the penguins. picking a fight right there. then he showboats for the crowd. >> there's a promo. they are not messing around. alex ovechkin was angry. he said that the man was not respectful and then the man apologized. >> it looked like his head hit the ice >> the capitals and penguins are the best teams in hockey and they played a super game last night. it was fast, tough, cocky a te
't have power. >> yeah. >> mike, if you're in connecticut -- >> no, no, no -- >> just assume if there is a 3-mile-an-hour wind that you're not going to have power for a month or two. >> okay. >> i talked to my friends that live up in connecticut. seriously, willie, it's like a 4-inch snow. >> your friend? >> friends that live in connecticut. 4-inch snow -- >> i don't understand. are you ashamed of something? >> for a week! >> be proud, joe. you just heard that from somewhere. >> you know what? there are about 3 million homes without power. this was a serious storm. this was much more serious than anyone expected. >> yeah. >> bill karins did call it. >> for once. >> it's historic on a number of levels. it's not just connecticut, joe, although connecticut does have the highest number. >> and they won't have power until january. >> this was an ice/slush/snow rainstorm. and if you look at those numbers, massachusetts right after connecticut, 650,000 without power, 500,000 in new jersey, pennsylvania, it's crazy. dan malloy writing a tweet yesterday, this is the largest number of
-- new york, new jersey, connecticut and massachusetts. officials predicted the downed trees were going to be a major problem and they were right. take a look. the storm is being blamed for three deaths so far. a man in pennsylvania was killed when a snow-covered tree fell into his house. two others died in connecticut and massachusetts. >>> people in connecticut have lost power there. they're being told it will be a while before it comes back. the governor says they've been waiting for road conditions to improve before sending out repair crews. >>> we're covering all angles of the major storm. chad meyers is on the ground in pennsylvania where there are massive power outages and our alexandra steele is in the severe weather center with more on the snowstorm and what travelers can expect today. let's start in pennsylvania. socked by the snow. our chad meyers is in york this morning. chad, just how bad is it where you are now? >> reporter: good morning. it depends on where you are. this is almost an elevation issue but also did your road get salted issue. the road behind me, mount zion r
in plainfield, massachusetts. hattered all the records. >>> rick, thank you. connecticut, massachusetts, new jersey and parts of new york declared states of emergency. julie banderas is standing by in a town buried in snow and ice in west milford, new jersey. >> west milford without power as of last evening received up to 19 inches of snow. to give you an idea, here's a beautiful home, beautiful scenery. inside it is about 55° in this person's house. much of the same throughout the entire northeastç and mid atlantic area. snow piling up high on the banks here. the trees this is the reason why. there is -- why there is no power for over two million people this was a tree. notice the leaves. we are still in fall. with the heavy snow, the wet, heavy snow on top of these branches already covered in leaves obviously the trees are falling down, knocking down pounds of now we are lines in new jersey -- down thousands of powerlines in new jersey state of emergency in massachusetts and in new york in some places and connecticut. here in new jersey there are 600,000 people without power in connecti
of emergency are in effect from massachusetts, connecticut, and new york, and new jersey. some areas are seeing nearly 2 feet of snow, shattering records dating all the way back to 1869. and at least three deaths are being blamed on the storm so far. one each in massachusetts, connecticut, and pennsylvania, and at least 1,000 flights were canceled across the country as well. airports in philadelphia and new york, airports in those areas, have been hit the hardest. here in new york this morning, cleanup from that snowfall, only the fourth in october since they started keeping records, about 135 years ago. nbc's ron allen is in new york's central park this morning. ron, how's it looking right now? >> reporter: well, yeah, only 135 years, imagine that. that's a long time. here the problem is cleanup. at one point, central park, which is back there behind me, is closed, because they wanted to keep people away from falling tree limbs. and behind me now, you can see the cleanup crews are out there. there are guys with chain saws and a chipper, trying to get rid of the tree limbs that fell down here.
enough on october 29th, now being blamed for three deaths, connecticut, pennsylvania and massachusetts, one an 84-year-old man killed when a snow covered tree limb crashed through his home and another person reportedly electrocuted by a downed power line. >> alisyn: it was crazy here yesterday, if you went outside, knocked out power to 2.3 million home from maryland all the way up to maine. officials warn it could be days before the electricity is restored. >> clayton: slight train delays as you can imagine. yesterday in connecticut more than 100 passenger stranded on jet blue for everyone hours without food, water, and officially unbelieved-- it's like a war zone, we're in-- >> that's the term i dropped, too, war zone. and all you heard were sirens and crashing tree limbs all day long. >> clayton: a giant branch came crashing down on my car yesterday. >> alisyn: how is it your car. >> clayton: smashed my car and a huge tree branch five feet from the house and another tree on the house and you stood auz, you heard trees falling. >> alisyn: just like rick predicted there were still leav
that didn't even have a chance to shed their leaves yet. in connecticut, in particular, a big mess, branches and power lines. the governor said this storm broke a state record for blackouts, and that record was just set back in august when the remnants of hurricane irene came through. joining us now for an update on the situation is mitch gross. he's the spokesman for connecticut light and power. and he's joining us by phone from berlin, connecticut. mr. gross, thank you for joining us this morning. 750,000 customers in connecticut without power. when we take a look at the map, that's nearly the entire top half of the state, plus more. there you see it there in the black. what are you doing this morning to try to get the power back on? >> it's all hands on deck. good morning. and yes, 750,000 cl&b customers without. howev however, saturday night, we restored power to over 140,000. so, we are making progress. it's a 24/7 exercise, of course, around the clock the crews are working, and we have commitments from an additional 600 crews coming in from literally all over north america to help us o
. >> reporter: residents in new jersey and connecticut say power outages are worse than the records set during hurricane irene earlier this year. >> the biggest challenge here, what makes it more difficult than irene is this is really a power power outage driven by the snow and the fact that the leaves are still on the trees. >> reporter: in teaneck, new jersey, fire investigators are working to figure out if the loss of power contributed to this deadly fire monday morning. many people will spend the day cleaning up. saturday's storm dropped more than two feet of snow in some areas. weighing down trees that still have their leaves. trees came crashing down on this home in upper saddle river, new jersey, coming to rest in their home office. five minutes earlier martina was working at her desk. >> can you imagine look up from your laptop and seeing a tree limb above you? >> reporter: it's halloween, with many streets covered in debris the connecticut governor is sending a warning to parents who let their children trick-or-treat tonight. >> no child should be participating in any halloween event
's the same situation in parts of massachusetts and connecticut where crews are trying to repair sagging or severed power lines. hundreds of thousands of residents on the east coast may not get power back until the end of the week. randall pinkston, cbs news, upper saddle river, new jersey. >>> topper said everything that would happen over the weekend did. but we dodged a bullet around here. >> we talked about it being a historical storm and there were someplaces in southern new hampshire and just outside of boston that they had 31 inches of snow with an october snow. unbelievable. let's talk about trick or treating. 50 in rockville, 45 in reston and 49 in springfield. so the trick or treat forecast, these are downtown temperatures. i think it will stay dry through 9:00. 8:00, 50 degrees. and 10:00, ghoulish. and we'll talk about the morning commute and take you through the week. >>> and still ahead, we'll explain why local students are getting on a boat to school. >>> and up next, traveling on four wheels, well that's about to get pricier in part of the area. a look at the toll hike com
for a week or more. trains and airlines are still trying to get back on track and some folks in connecticut are looking for answers tonight after they were stuck on the tarmac for seven hours. franc frances frances koh has more. >> reporter: cleanup begins. >> i think mother nature played a trick on us. >> reporter: a trick that has left as many as 3 million from virginia to vermont in the dark. >> snow hit the tree, hit the leaves, the tree just got heavy and a lot of tree damage. >> reporter: states of emergency were declared for parts of new york, new jersey, massachusetts, and connecticut. some could remain without power for as long as a week. >> this is an historic storm. >> reporter: snowfall started saturday and smashed records as it moved north. new york city, which has not seen measurable snow in october since 1952, tallied more than an inch in central park. the unexpected storm also tied up air travel. thousands faced cancellations and delays at newark and jfk. passengers on a jetblue flight diverted to connecticut waited seven hours on the plane before being allowed into the airp
ever in connecticut. and we've got the latest on the storm's aftermath. >> reporter: they started digging, clearing out on sunday. after saturday's freak nor'easter raced up the atlantic coast. heavy wet snow, downed trees, leaving cars and houses all banged up. this giant tree sliced through this woman's home. >> we heard a whole bunch of crashing and crackling. this tree ended up falling, breaking, and crushing the whole side of the house where my mother was sleeping. >> reporter: millions from washington to maine are without electricity. and it could be up to several days before it is restored because the repair crews can't get in. >> and because we have so many trees, so many limbs and roads that are unpassable. >> reporter: what made it such a damaging storm is the fact that so many fall leaves have yet to fall. and that gave the wet heavy snow something to grab on to and it was simply too much weight for branches like these to hold. people spent the day clearing those broken limbs from their yards. >> and so we've got trees down in the back, trees down on the side of the hou
. >>> connecticut suffered the worst number of power outages in state history. states of emergency were declared in new jersey, connecticut, massachusetts and parts of new york. the storm blasted the east coast from maryland to maine. this morning, more than 2 million homes and businesses are still without power and at least 11 deaths are blamed on the storm. jim axelrod has our report. >> reporter: if they hadn't seen it. >> never saw this before in my life. >> reporter: they might not have believed it. but up and down the east coast, there was simply too much snow to ignore. >> i can't stand it. i hate it it. i hate it, hate it, hate it! i can't even express how much i hate it! it's awful! >> reporter: as the chain saws roared, more than 3 million households were without power. >> this is ridiculous. in october, not november not past halloween. it's crazy out here already. >> reporter: records were set in new york city where 2.9 inches of snow fell in central park. they never measured ab inch here in any october day since 1869. concord, new hampshire, 13.6 inches and broke a 59-year-old record
maine to maryland. theerecord-breaking storm issblamed for three deaths including a man in connecticut and pennsylvania... as well as a twenty-year-old man in massachusetts who was electrocuted. the heavy snow put immense pressure on branches...causing scores of trees to fall-- contributing to about three million outages. communities in wessern massachusetts re among the hardest hit wwtt up to twwnty- seven inches reported innsome places. mos: "there's no power right now...we re just using candles and to work we's a little cold...that's ii...but we'll make do." the seven- hundred-fifty thousand without power in connecticut roke a reeord or the state-- pummeled by hurricane irene just months before. malloyy says: "obviously, this is a in anyone's recollection or early." in new jerrey, where more ttan six-hundred- thouuands lost power including gooernor chris christie... utility officials warn of lengthy outages. crews are wooking in up to ninnteen-inches of snow, where downed trres and messy roads are hampering effoots. meantime,
. >> [no audio] on the inner loop a the beltway approach in connecticut, there's overnight roadwork. is the scenario as well in on the inner loop. the hot lanes project, starting up over thegs tysons area. no accidents to report as far as virginia. route 11, 7100, looks good. a beautiful trip through berryville. 7, out ofon route ashburn, on the greenway, or the dulles toll road. take you to the traffic on the inner loop near connecticut avenue. everyone being pushed over to the right. are the out of new york avenue, carol ward no troubles. a good ride through southeast as theton as well parkway pass nationals park and onto the freeway. now to news. >>> jury selection resumes today of the highest profile in the d.c. area in years. brittany norwood charged with killing jayna murray apple bethesda lululemon store in march. 150 potential jurors is being 12 jurors andto five alternates. not be an easy task with all the attention the case has .eceived maybe they should have moved its farther away where they could absorb an impartial jury. >> it is very difficult in any with public
people. four states have declared emergencies. new york, new jersey, connecticut and massachusetts. all kinds of travel across the east coast is impacted. this amtrak train from rochester, new york, was stranded near palmer, massachusetts, for 13 hours. many flights were also grounded or diverted. airlines are still trying to clear out the backlog. the storm is blamed for at least five deaths. a pennsylvania man was killed when a snow-covered tree fell into his house. two people were killed on icy roads near philly. two others died in connecticut and massachusetts. >>> cnn is covering every angle of this storm. our chad myers is in york, pennsylvania. susan candiotti in new york. jacqui jeras is in the severe weather center. let's begin with chad in york. i see the crews are out trying to clear some of those trees. >> reporter: the funny part is, we saw this same crew less than one block away at 10:00 this morning and they are still here. they have made progress over one city block and now they're still putting these trees back up, doing trimming around the other trees that came close t
... the man said to be thh mastermind behind the brutal connecticut home pnvasion... turned triple murder... is found guilty. guilty.we think the prosecution did a wonderful job... now that the trials for both men involved are over ... find out the next step for tte sole survivor. survivor. op÷í tornado! that is a tornado, look at that! that!authooities are ssessiig touchedddown n virginii.take -3 captured by can see what appears to be a national weatter service says - at least one susppcted tornado struck thursday... in ew kenn county and louisa counny virginia.thht's thh same area where the epicenter of thee east coast earthquake was many as a dozen homes and an elemmntary school the worst dammge... was seen in a historic building. there are no eports of any injurres at thhs time. ((2-shot toss to weather)) &p((ad llb meteorrlogist)) 3 ((traffic reeorter ad libs)) map fiber map 175 map old 3 3 3 3 still to come... flying somewhere?the aarline hopping on a g-o-p presiiennial candidate's ácheapá plan to fly rounddrip.'s been vvryy difficult
on saturday still don't have power. more than 70% of the state lost electricity in connecticut. could take a week. in new york city, the storm destroyed as many as 1000 trees in central park. eight times as many as tropical storm irene took out two months ago. in 24 cities, the snowstorm set records. people died. en in connecticut, 123 passengers extremely unhappy. demonstrated a its customersward found hard to comprehend. the --e were trapped on on the tarmac for seven hours after their flight was diverted. we can't seem to get help from our own company. i apologize. the company says the would be reimbursed. in the storm, they could turn out to be the lucky ones. you read about that? that is a nightmare. >> when you get something like this in october, and has no affect what the rest of the winter is going to be like. just something that happens rarely in october. i think we will have a fairly normal winter as far as precipitation totals go. maybe a little bit below average temperatures. >> like christmas? >> let's hope not. let's go to oakdale high school in frederick county. just behind
york, new jersey, connecticut, and massachusetts. want to take a live look now at new york city, columbus circle. a very dark columbus circle. new york, by the way, did not get the worst of it. here's what it looks like in massachusetts. officials predicted that downed trees were going to be a major problem. and take a look at that -- they were right. the storm is being blamed for three deaths so far, one of them in massachusetts. a man in pennsylvania was killed when a snow-covered tree fell into his house. and a third person died while driving in connecticut. people in connecticut, by the way, who have lost power are being told it may be a while before it comes back. the governor says they've been waiting for road conditions to improve before sending out repair crews. we've already seen heavy accumulation of snow all the way from virginia and maryland up through connecticut and massachusetts. >>> pennsylvania got socked, as well. our chad myers is in york, pennsylvania, with a look at that. good morning. how bad is it where you are? >> reporter: what happened overnight was tha
the east coast over the weekend, leaving at least 11 people dead. 750,000 without power in connecticut. 650,000 in the state of massachusetts. and more than 500,000 in new jersey. connecticut governor writing in a tweet yesterday, this is the largest number of outages connecticut has ever experienced. plan for power not to return for prolonged period. that from the governor of the state of connecticut. as for new york city, it was the largest october snowfall since the civil war. maintenance crews are hard at work, removing fallen down bravenls and electrical wires as schools in several states are expected to remain closed for days. all this winter weather before we even hit halloween. let's go to bill karins for the latest. >> how come power outages? it wasn't a ton of snow. >> yeah, just has to do with leaves on the trees. the leaves catch the snow and the leaves just weren't ready to fall off yet. we were hoping that -- we knew this was going to happen on friday. the storm behaved as expected. it wasn't a surprise to forecasters. i don't know if viewers were paying attention or not. but
, connecticut. good evening. >> reporter: good evening, lester. this is the scene in so many places across this state. trees with fallen leaves, falling down power lines and blocked roads. it is a massive problem. as many as 800,000 customers are still without power here where it will be a very long, cold, dark night. across connecticut and especially along its rural roads, crews worked frantically to clear an incredible amount of destruction. the state's governor was blunt, wang, it's going to take a while. >> we're going to have extensive and long term power outages, and i am advised that at least initially, it looks like some people could be without power for as much as a week. >> reporter: the prospect of several days or more without power has a lot of people worried. >> we ain't got nothing. it's like you're freezing, you're worried about the food. we just went food shopping. >> reporter: it's all because heavy wet snow and fall foliage make for a disastrous mix so close to power lines. in some places, that that even ignited fires. and sent huge limbs crashing into one house in rockla
transportation first of all, because of construction here at connecticut avenue and woodley road it is causing delays on buses l-2 and l-4 and i just got work that mark penn line 505 is cancelled this morning. because of that 511 will depart at 5:40 this morning. a little bit of a delay there as well. if you are planning to head to the south side of town, route 4 everything is fine at the beltway. whether you are trying to head past andrews air force base to the wilson bridge or heading north toward college park, you are going to be okay. first of all, again at branch avenue, everything is fine on the beltway. now let's go to the west side of town at the american legion bridge. along the west side between 270, tyson's corn and 266. coming up in my next report, we'll go into the district at 5:08. >>> thank you monika. it has been seven months since jana murray was murdered. today britney norwood is charged in the case. 9 news reporter kristen fish soldier live in rockville with a preview. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you know this is the first day of what is expected to be a two wee
.j. winick starts us off in hartford, connecticut, t.j., good evening. >> reporter: good evening to you, david. this intersection like so many in hartford is blocked by downed branches and trees and despite warnings about live power lines on the ground, many folks are getting fed up and frustrated and are clearing these streets themselves. the nor'easter was like a sock in the jaw, seven weeks before winter. too early, too bad. in new jersey, this uprooted tree collapsed onto a home. the heavy, wet snow blanketed branches taking down power lines. here in connecticut, utility crews are racing around the state, 800,000 residents are in the dark. >> customers want to know when their power is going to be back on. >> we're encouraging our customers to prepare for worst case scenario which means some won't get restoredd much sooner than a week from now. >> reporter: at the height of the storm travelers were getting nowhere fast. a jetblue flight was diverted to hartford before passengers were stranded on board for seven hours. this man described the nightmare, no food, water or working bathro
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